Monday, February 25, 2013

A post about my band and some good news for the future!

I hope you will not think it too self-indulgent of me if I take a post to address something artistically personal, AKA, a radio interview I took part of as a member of my band The Bridge Between Heaven and Hell. Here is one of our songs:

To listen to the interview of me and my drummer Forrest Lonn, click here. Unfortunately, their website is a little weird and you might have to do some tinkering to figure it out, but it will be so worth it!

Speaking of interviews, I have something very special set-up in the near future regarding a recently mentioned webcomic (look at the bottom of the linked post): Three Minute Max! This interview will not be about Beast Wars, but it is interesting to note that the writer of the webcomic, Bob Forward, is the co-creator of the classic Saturday morning cartoon show! To prepare yourself for that, maybe read up on their comic so far.

Next week I will be reviewing a masterpiece of surrealist body horror cinema, any guesses as to what I'm referring to? There can't be that many movies that fall into that category.

-MA 2.25.2013

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