Monday, August 12, 2013

Various Items

GWR has been very busy lately preparing for upcoming interviews, which I trust reader will find thoroughly interesting and exciting. I do apologize for not post last week; there were many factors to that. To tide you over until next week and the future interviews, might I make a recommendation to check out the following review, which never got quite the full attention it deserved:

Three Minute Max Interview/Review

Also, unless you are dead you will probably enjoy this video: cat's favorite show. Don't just stop once you think you get the joke. There's a twist ending.

And finally, one more shout-out to my other blog, which has been flourishing rather nicely, and which creative types may find stimulating. Here are a few posts from UMT I really like:

Societal Pressures

Two Dogs Number Two


Enjoy, and I'll see you soon!

-MA 8.12.13

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